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When a company needs a financial advisor, it is usually because the company is about to embark on one of the most important transactions in the life of that company.  It might be raising capital to get the company started – to make an idea a reality. It might be to merge with or acquire your toughest competitor.  It might be time to sell the company that has taken you thirty years to grow to this level, but you want to move on. Whatever the reason,  you want and need the help and advice of people who have done it before many times in many different markets.


It’s not only the legal and financial issues.  It’s not just a matter of valuation or negotiation.  It is having people who understand your needs.  It is a matter of having an experienced deal team that knows how identify and present your opportunity to the other party in a way that will get the transaction closed, quickly and efficiently.  Having a team that knows your industry, and all the players is critical to positioning your company to realize the optimal value in any transaction.


The associates of our firm are experts in their respective industries. They are innovative, motivated and effective.  We know how to originate, structure and close financial transactions on a world-wide basis. That’s why we are trusted and respected. Our clients will tell you that we know how to close transactions in which all the parties come out winners.

PRINCIPAL:   John Runningen


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